Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Web & mobile developerAfelio

    Nov, 2015 - Present 6 months

    Afelio, part of the NRB Group, is a fast growing company that was created in 2013 to become a leading player in our fields. Our customers can count on a young and committed team composed of more than 50 customer oriented experts in their respective field.

    • Put myself on the front scene by becoming the lead developer for the Android branch of Afelio.
    • Restructured the development cycle by reinstating a set of rules that facilitate the workflow when working in a team as well as continuous Integration , unit testing and static analysis
  • Android developerRean

    Dec, 2015 - Present 5 months

    Rean is a smart small chip that allows you to control your smartphone and more devices fully with out looking at them or touching them at any time and from a distance! With Rean it will be easier and cheaper for all of us to control their smartphone,tablet,television,home,pc with voice commands and motions.

    • Overcoming the challenge of using custom hardware
  • Mobile developerPhasya

    Jun, 2015 - Oct, 2015 4 months

    Phasya develops innovative technologies for the objective and automatic measurement of drowsiness (i.e. drowsimetry), based on physiological parameters, and in particular on ocular parameters. Phasya also develops software for the analysis of eye images and the measurement of ocular parameters (i.e. oculometry).

    • Used the technology that Phasya put in place to make an app that help doctors to monitor patient in coma
    • Using Swift and new coding standards to give the user a seamless experience
  • Mobile developerTechnifutur

    Oct, 2014 - Jun, 2015 7 months

    Technifutur is a carrer center that develops and provides training for workers, job seekers, teachers and students. Constantly changing based on market needs, Technifutur also focuses on other business services such as advocacy, counseling, support for R & D, e-Learning, e-Business, the business intelligence and support for pre-industrialization.

    • Mastering the latest technology and framework of both iOS and android


  • Android developement
  • Java
  • Swift / objective-c
  • iOS developement
  • C / C++ / C#
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / PHP


  • Computer science, Bachelor,  HEPL Rennequin Sualem

    Sep, 2011 - Jun, 2014



  • Certificate of Achievement Intensive English,  Kaplan Aspect LA Westwood

    Awarded on: Dec 15, 2009



  • Yair Lev - CEO at Rean

    I have met Julien ~5 months ago from a friend of mine, Since the start, Julien got the right enthusiasm about our project and the job. I think me and Julien had a good connection from the start,he is a good person that takes his job very seriously, his skills are high not only in code, he knows how to work in a team, explain missions, be a leader,and take responsibility! As we asked him to work as an Android developer at our company he started to work straight away and told us what progress he made daily, in which platforms he uses to do his job, and he had an answer for almost everything we asked him. He's a person that really likes his job! he stays sometimes till the very late night to finish the work if needed! Additionally, Julien speaks a fluent English and French which I think gives a huge bonus to workers! especially to workers in the High Tech field. To conclude, I think that Julien is one of the most talented people I met in my life. not just because his skills in code are very very good, but also because of his personality, I think every company has to have workers like Julien, he brings a lot of talent to his work a lot of knowledge and social skills.

  • Thomas Langohr - Co-founder at Phasya

    Julien has been a pleasure to work with. He has drive, creativity and excellent analysis skills. I highly recommend Julien and hope he will enjoy his new challenges. I would be glad to work with him again.